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How to Read Your Account Statement

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Please note: Depending on your portfolio and account activity, some of the items described here might not appear on your statement.

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  • Overall look

    We designed your quarterly statement to make your information easy to find and understand.

  • Primary account number

    Displayed at the top of every page to make it easier to reference your account number when contacting American Funds. All accounts linked to your portfolio can be accessed by referencing the primary account number. Generally, it is the first account you established at American Funds. The primary account number also determines the name and mailing address appearing on your statement.

  • Portfolio value of all accounts

    The sum of all accounts on this statement.

  • Beginning value

    The first column shows the value of your portfolio when you first started investing in American Funds. (If your account was opened prior to 2003, an initial investment date of January 1, 2003, is used.) The second column shows the value of your portfolio at the beginning of the current calendar year.

  • Additions

    These include investments, and transfers of shares from other accounts. Additions to funds you no longer own, if any, are included.

  • Withdrawals

    This includes all redemptions, contingent deferred sales charges, tax withholding, transfers of shares to other accounts, express mail fees, and third-party service fees. Withdrawals from funds you no longer own, if any, are also included.

  • Setup/Annual fees

    Shows the fees deducted from your Capital Bank and Trust Company (CB&T) retirement account or your CollegeAmerica® 529 account to establish and maintain it. Fees you paid directly by check are not included.

  • Investment gain/decline

    The change in the value of your portfolio based on the results of your investments. This includes any reinvested dividends and capital gains.

  • Dividends and capital gains paid in cash

    Shows you the total amount, including monies cross-reinvested into another fund.

  • Portfolio rate of return

    These returns measure your personal investment results for your portfolio. The calculation factors in returns for the funds you own or owned during the time you were invested in them. For more details about the calculation method, click here.

  • Portfolio allocation

    This pie chart displays allocations by investment objective.

  • Portfolio value history

    This graph tracks your portfolio value (solid line) and your net investment (dotted line) since your oldest account was opened (or since 2003 for accounts opened earlier). The difference between the two lines illustrates the return you’ve received on your investments.

    If your account is 2 years old or less, you’ll see a bar graph rather than a line chart.

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  • Your portfolio at a glance

    Displays each account and fund in your portfolio, sorted by your investment goals. Here you’ll find the current value of each account, the change in value since the previous quarter and your personal rate of return for each account.

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  • Dividends and capital gains

    Year-to-date dividends, short-term capital gains and long-term capital gains for each fund now appear in the “Activity detail” section. A “summary at a glance” of all dividends and capital gains can be found online.

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