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SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Vote on important proposal to elect board members of your fund(s)

As an American Funds and/or American Funds Insurance Series® shareholder, you were sent proxy statements and ballots to vote on an important proposal for the upcoming American Funds shareholder meetings. This measure is designed primarily to streamline fund administration and to provide the funds with more operational flexibility.

What is the proposal?
Shareholders are asked to vote on one proposal — the election of board members for each fund in which they invest. The election of the nominated board slates (comprised of both current board members and newly nominated candidates) is intended to give each fund more flexibility and create efficiency, which will help manage the costs of the funds over the long term.

How do I vote?
Shareholders received either a complete kit containing the full proxy statement and ballot or a notice outlining the proposal and informing shareholders how to access more detailed proxy and voting material. Shareholders with multiple accounts may receive multiple mailings. In this case, shareholders should vote all ballots they receive.

The board of each fund believes that election of the proposed board member slate is in the best interests of shareholders and recommends that shareholders vote ‘FOR’ each of the nominees.

We want to hear from you
As an American Funds and/or American Funds Insurance Series shareholder, your participation in this proxy vote is key. We encourage you to read the materials you received, as they contain important information regarding the proposal.

To cast your vote now, go to or call the telephone number listed on your proxy card(s). Be sure to have your proxy materials handy as you will need your control number and security code before voting online. You can also vote by mailing in your signed, dated and completed ballot(s). By responding promptly, you will help reduce fund expenses by avoiding the need for follow-up solicitations. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.