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As of 3/31/18
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 254
Security Name Asset Type Shares or
Principal Amount
Market Value Percent of
Net Assets
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Dormitory Auth. Rev., Higher Education Commercial Paper, Series 2017-2-C, 1.19% 5/2/2018 Short Term 6,000,000 $6,000,000.00 2.58%
New York City G.O. Bonds, Series 2008-J-5, 1.7% 2028 Short Term 3,260,000 $3,260,000.00 1.4%
Transportation Dev. Corp., Special Fac. Rev. Ref. Bonds (American Airlines, Inc. John F. Kennedy International Airport Project), Series 2016, AMT, 5.00% 2031 Fixed Income 2,500,000 $2,636,825.00 1.13%
New York City Transitional Fin. Auth., Future Tax Secured Bonds, Series 2017-F-1, 5.00% 2042 Fixed Income 1,965,000 $2,256,724.00 0.97%
Dormitory Auth., City University System, Consolidated Fifth General Resolution Rev. Bonds, Series 2008-C, 1.58% 2031 Short Term 2,125,000 $2,125,000.00 0.91%
Environmental Facs. Corp., Rev. Green Bonds (Revolving Funds), Series 2016-B, 4.00% 2036 Fixed Income 1,950,000 $2,081,372.00 0.9%
County of Nassau, G.O. General Improvement Ref. Bonds, Series 2016-A, 5.00% 2030 Fixed Income 1,795,000 $2,054,719.00 0.88%
Metropolitan Transportation Auth., Dedicated Tax Fund Rev. Ref. Bonds, Series 2002-B-3D, (SIFMA Municipal Swap Index + 1.00%) 2.58% 2020 Fixed Income 2,000,000 $2,024,680.00 0.87%
New York City G.O. Bonds, Fiscal 2018, Series 2017-C, 5.00% 2032 Fixed Income 1,720,000 $2,031,733.00 0.87%
New York City Transitional Fin. Auth., Tax-Exempt Future Tax Secured Bonds, Series 2010-G-5, 0% 2034 Short Term 2,000,000 $2,000,000.00 0.86%
New York City, Transitional Fin. Auth., Future Tax Secured Rev. Ref. Bonds, Fiscal 2003, Series 2002-A-2, 0% 2029 Short Term 2,000,000 $2,000,000.00 0.86%
Metropolitan Transportation Auth., Transportation Rev. Bonds, Series 2015-C-1, 5.00% 2035 Fixed Income 1,750,000 $1,982,855.00 0.85%
County of Onondaga, Resource Recovery Agcy., Rev. Ref. Bonds, Series 2015-A, AMT, Assured Guaranty Municipal insured, 5.00% 2030 Fixed Income 1,750,000 $1,919,015.00 0.83%
Village of Dobbs Ferry, Local Dev. Corp., Rev. Bonds (Mercy College Project), Series 2014, 5.00% 2039 Fixed Income 1,625,000 $1,835,389.00 0.79%
Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Dev. Corp., Obligated Group Rev. Bonds (Catholic Health System, Inc. Project), Series 2015, 5.00% 2023 Fixed Income 1,600,000 $1,802,944.00 0.78%
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 254

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