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General Fund Tax and Rev. Anticipation Notes, Series 2015-A, 1.75% 06/28/2016 Short Term 25,000,000 $25,292,000.00 0.79%
County of Ventura, Tax and Rev. Anticipation Notes 2.00% 07/01/2016 Short Term 24,585,000 $24,915,668.00 0.78%
OREGON-TANS-A Short Term 22,000,000 $22,368,940.00 0.7%
Indianapolis Airport Auth., Special Fac. Rev. Ref. Bonds (Federal Express Corp. Project), Series 2004, AMT, 5.10% 2017 Fixed Income 20,545,000 $21,661,621.00 0.67%
Bay Area Toll Auth., San Francisco Bay Area Toll Bridge Rev. Ref. Bonds, Series 2006-C-1, 0.92% 2045 (put 2023) Fixed Income 20,500,000 $20,366,750.00 0.63%
Municipal Electric Auth., Project One Rev. Ref. Bonds, Series 2008-D, 5.75% 2019 Fixed Income 16,000,000 $18,108,320.00 0.56%
Tax Anticipation Notes, Series 2015, 2.00% 6/30/2016 Short Term 15,000,000 $15,208,950.00 0.47%
Clark County, Highway Rev. (Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax) Ref. Bonds, Series 2011, 5.00% 2020 Fixed Income 12,320,000 $14,321,630.00 0.45%
Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement Auth., Tobacco Settlement Rev. Bonds, Series 2010, 5.50% 2023 Fixed Income 12,425,000 $14,415,112.00 0.45%
Miami-Dade County, Aviation Rev. Ref. Bonds, Series 2012-A, AMT, 5.00% 2021 Fixed Income 11,600,000 $13,489,756.00 0.42%
Harris County, Toll Road Rev. Bonds, Series 2012-B, 0.72% 2021 (put 2018) Fixed Income 13,500,000 $13,497,975.00 0.42%
Public Gas Partners, Inc., Gas Project Rev. Ref. Bonds (Gas Supply Pool No. 1), Series A, 5.00% 2018 Fixed Income 10,930,000 $12,211,433.00 0.38%
Citizens Property Insurance Corp., Personal Lines Account/Commercial Lines Account Secured Bonds, Series 2012-A-1, 5.00% 2022 Fixed Income 10,200,000 $11,974,596.00 0.37%
Putnam County Dev. Auth., Pollution Control Rev. Ref. Bonds (Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. Project), Series 2007-B, AMBAC insured, 5.35% 2042 (put 2018) Fixed Income 10,370,000 $11,430,955.00 0.36%
Wayne County Airport Auth., Airport Rev. Ref. Bonds (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport), Series 2011-A, AMT, 5.00% 2020 Fixed Income 10,000,000 $11,262,100.00 0.35%
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 1144

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The return of principal for bond funds and for funds with significant underlying bond holdings is not guaranteed. Fund shares are subject to the same interest rate, inflation and credit risks associated with the underlying bond holdings.

Income from municipal bonds may be subject to state or local income taxes and/or the federal alternative minimum tax. Certain other income, as well as capital gain distributions, may be taxable.

  1. Excludes certain securities in initial period of acquisition.

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