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680 Total Holdings:
As of 9/30/18
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 680
Security Name Asset Type Shares or
Principal Amount
Market Value Percent of
Net Assets
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U.S. Treasury 2.00% 2022 Fixed Income 526,400,000 $507,649,632.00 2.87%
U.S. Treasury 2.50% 2023 Fixed Income 480,000,000 $471,129,600.00 2.66%
U.S. Treasury 2.75% 2023 Fixed Income 419,489,000 $416,065,970.00 2.35%
U.S. Treasury 2.125% 2024 Fixed Income 426,625,000 $406,577,891.00 2.3%
U.S. Treasury 1.875% 2022 Fixed Income 400,000,000 $385,976,000.00 2.18%
U.S. Treasury 1.75% 2020 Fixed Income 365,940,000 $357,292,838.00 2.02%
U.S. Treasury 1.50% 2019 Fixed Income 344,100,000 $339,409,917.00 1.92%
U.S. Treasury 2.875% 2023 Fixed Income 261,730,000 $260,871,526.00 1.47%
U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Security 0.625% 2023 Fixed Income 228,273,750 $225,452,025.00 1.27%
FED HM LN BK BD 10/24/2018 Short Term 215,800,000 $215,509,123.00 1.22%
U.S. Treasury 1.125% 2021 Fixed Income 200,000,000 $191,976,000.00 1.08%
Fannie Mae 3.50% 2033 Fixed Income 181,000,000 $181,944,277.00 1.03%
U.S. Treasury 2.75% 2023 Fixed Income 182,000,000 $180,407,500.00 1.02%
Freddie Mac 3.50% 2033 Fixed Income 174,000,000 $174,915,762.00 0.99%
U.S. Treasury 1.25% 2020 Fixed Income 175,500,000 $172,125,135.00 0.97%
All Holdings: 1 - 15 of 680

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