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Your Portfolio Views

What is a portfolio view?

Portfolio views enable you to organize and manage different American Funds accounts online. For example, you can create a portfolio view that includes accounts tied to a specific goal (e.g., retirement or college) or to specific people (e.g., your accounts, your children’s accounts or your parents’ accounts). You can also consolidate different accounts you have, or create a family view with your spouse’s account.

To create a portfolio view, use the Your Portfolio Views link at the top of Your Portfolio page. Then select the Manage Your Views link from the pull-down menu. If you want to include someone else’s account in your customized view, you’ll need the account numbers and passwords.

You can access your saved custom portfolios by clicking the Your Portfolio Views link at the top of Your Portfolio page.

How do I add someone else’s fund and/or account to a portfolio view?

On the Your Portfolio Views page, click Update next to the portfolio view that you want to modify. Then:

  1. Scroll past the list of current funds/accounts to Add Another Account.
  2. Enter the account number and select a fund from that account. Then enter the account password.
  3. Click INCLUDE ACCOUNT to add the account and/or funds.
  4. Repeat this step until you have added all of your new accounts and/or funds.
  5. Click SAVE to save your changes.

How do I see a fund I recently invested in?

If a fund that you recently invested in does not appear in your preferred view, click Update next to the portfolio name on the Your Portfolio Views page. Then click Include next to the fund’s name.