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Establishing Account Access

Why is my login credential not working?

Perform a simple check to see that you are logging into the right place. Consult your quarterly statement and find the URL near the top of the page. The URL needs to be entered into your Internet browser exactly as it is shown on the statement. If the URL matches what you have currently in your browser and your login credential doesn't work, then call American Funds at (800) 421-4225 for more help.

Where can I find my user name?

If you have forgotten your user name, log in to your account with your account number and password. Navigate to the Account Services: Your profile page. Your current user name will appear under “Personal information.”

Where can I find my account number?

Note to employer-sponsored retirement plan participants. Use your plan ID to determine the appropriate URL to access your account.

Your primary account number is located at the top right of every page of your quarterly statement.

If you participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, your statement may look different from what is shown below. Please review the account information section of your statement to find the Web address associated with your account. For further assistance, please call American Funds at (800) 421-4225.

Quarterly statement showing location of account number

How do I log in as a new user?

Follow these steps to access your account through our website:

  1. From the home page, click “New user?” in the login box

  2. On the “Account Login for New Users” page, enter your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Click Next.

  3. To help us verify your identity, answer the new user security question.

  4. Carefully read the terms and conditions for accessing your account online. Click I accept.

  5. If you would like to create a personalized user name for future account access, follow the onscreen prompts. Then create a unique password for your account. Click Next.

  6. Select and name a security image for your account. Then select and answer three security questions. Click Next.

  7. A confirmation page will display acknowledging that you have successfully established online access for your account. Click OK to go to your Account Summary page.

How can I create a user name?

If you are logging in for the first time, you can create a user name at that time. Otherwise, log in and navigate to the Account Services: Your profile page. Then click Create next to “User name.”

What happens if I check “Remember my user name”?

If you check the “Remember my user name” box, your user name will appear in the login field each time you log in to our website. To prevent your user name from appearing the next time you log in, uncheck the box.

If you would like to log in to a different account or use a different login method, simply click the login field and enter the new information.