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Lead a Successful Retirement Plan Enrollment Meeting

Active participation is essential to the success of any retirement plan. Here’s an effective strategy and resources for creating enrollment meetings that can help generate higher enrollment numbers.


Before the meeting

  • Save the date. Set the date, time and location for your enrollment meeting with the plan sponsor. Holding the meeting during the lunch hour makes it convenient for employees to attend and allows you to reach more people.
  • Order enrollment books. They include important retirement planning concepts and can be customized with plan features for employees who participate in plans that are in our PlanPremier® and RecordkeeperDirect® solutions.
  • Advertise. Work with the plan sponsor on the best way to notify employees about the upcoming meeting.
    • 2–3 weeks before: Use our posters and stuffers to spread the word.
    • 1 week before: Send an email (if this option is available) to remind employees. Let them know why it’s important they attend (e.g., retirement realities, the benefits of an employer match).
  • Create a brief agenda. Your time may be limited. An agenda will help you stay on track. Consider:
    • Opening with a brief introduction from the plan sponsor or HR representative explaining who you are and your role as the plan’s advisor.
    • Allowing time for a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
    • Offering your contact information for anyone who may want to speak with you one-on-one.
  • Practice. Customize our enrollment presentation and script to the specific needs of your audience (e.g., plan investments, contribution guidelines).
    • Rehearse your presentation until you feel comfortable with your delivery.

The day of the meeting

  • Be prepared. Have the enrollment books you ordered earlier available to give out at the door or to leave on seats as a takeaway. Open the meeting with your introduction and a brief review of the agenda.
  • Dive in. Have the presentation script nearby for reference as you go through the slides. End by taking questions if you have allotted time, or provide your contact information for employees who would like to speak with you one-on-one.


A day or two after the presentation, follow up with the plan sponsor to discuss the success of the meeting. Decide whether you need to schedule additional enrollment meetings.

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